Tuesday, 7 November 2017

How to get 60% assurance that you'll pass any exam

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Examination has been the worst nightmare most students have ever had in their life. In recent times, we have seen a lot of students performing woefully in their examinations throughout the whole wide world. I can understand that my readers re eager and anxious to know how a student can be at least 60% assured that he/she will pass an examination even without entering the exam hall yet. There is no much worries, I’ll try as much as possible to be straight forward without wasting much of your time.
However, it should be noted that there are 3 aspects which determine your success in any examination which are the Physical, Psychological and Divine aspects. This write up will mainly focus on the Physical and the Psychological aspects. As for the Divine aspect, we all know that everything is in the Hands of God and that’s where prayer comes in for God to intervene.
As I said earlier, I’ll try to make everything simple and straight forward. So, to give yourself at least 60% assurance that you will pass an exam, you have to take note of the following:


No student can pass any exam if he or she doesn’t read all what is required of him except the student is ready to engage in examination malpractice. This is a fact that must be told because there is no other legal way to pass than reading. Mind you, when reading, read every sentence word for word and don’t pick out only points, definitions, headings or sub-headings to read unless you don’t have much time for extensive reading. In spite of this, the student should read till the last full stop. I could remember my father’s friend telling me that I must read all the pages in my notebook including the book cover in order to pass my exams.


Most students fail in their exams due to their lack of confidence or anxiety. Self-confidence is very important for any student who wants to pass his/her exams. How can you pass an exam if you don’t believe that you can? I don’t think that’s feasible! A proverb says, “To be a champion, you have to believe in yourself when nobody else will”
Moreover, the only secret behind being confident and believing in yourself is the level of your reading. As far as you have read all what is required of you, then the confidence will always be there for you. I just wonder why some students still get afraid after reading all what are required of them for the exam. This only creates unnecessary anxiety in such students and off course affects their performance. We also have some students who are so over-confident in themselves to the extent that they read less. Although some make it but most of them end up in regret sincerely. You can only be confident if you read!


This is very psychological. Some examiners are very good in failing students psychologically even before they write their exam. In this case, the student must be very smart to deduct the message that the examiner is trying to pass across with every single instruction. We have so many cases in which the time of the examination can be suddenly be rescheduled, sudden request for particulars or anything, creating unfavorable condition for the students in the exam hall, prohibition of the use of some instrument at late hours e.g calculators, inadequate broadcasting of information about the exam and just to mention a few. All these are used by examiners to win the students psychologically. So, be smart!


Understanding the reason why you must pass an examination is also very important. This helps to boost your morale and of course, encourages good performance. Always remember the reason why you must pass while writing the exam and most importantly, never give up on any question!

Lastly, if any student wants to trash any examination, he or she have to read extensively, believe in him/her self, be smart and always remember the purpose of writing her exam to boost his/her morale. I bet you! No matter what happens, you’ll always pass above average.